‘The Internet Scams’ Release First Music Video (Band Jam)

Screenshot 2016-08-24 10.50.51JumboNote Music School presents the first music video from teacher Daniel Imbert and his Band Jam group ‘The Internet Scams’ with song – ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Featuring James Grbevski on Vocals, Jayden Foon on Drums, Keiran Cadornigara on keys and Vasilis Argyridakis on Guitars with teacher Daniel Imbert lending a hand with Bass duties. Newcomer guitarist Jarod Ashby and new keyboardist Andrew Bellis don’t feature in this video, but will no doubt add some new energy to the group. We look forward to seeing what dynamics the two newcomers add in upcoming performances and music videos!

Daniel Imbert: Band Director

Ayshe Topal: Singing Teacher

Daniel Imbert: Guitar & Drums Teacher
Screenshot 2016-08-24 10.51.27Nothing is more enjoyable than performing as part of a band. It is a great way to develop teamwork skills and take your interest in music to a whole different level. To get more info on the latest ‘Band Jam’ sessions, visit this link here.


Recording, Editing: Manuel Andrade

Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering: Manuel AndradeScreenshot 2016-08-24 10.51.43

Recorded at JumboNote Studio B


Band Jam is available for all students intermediate and above, with weekly jams at our Beverly Hills / Narwee Studio B locations. We have students from Lugarno, Peakhurst, Penshurst, Roselands, Oatley, Mortdale, Bexley, Kingsgrove and Kogarah join Band Jam. Call 0450 144 399 for more info.

Screenshot 2016-08-24 10.51.06

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