You’re Never too old to Learn Something New

The human brain is just like a muscle… the more we exercise it and use it, the better shape it will be in. When it comes to keeping your body’s muscles fit, you often hear the expression “use it or lose it.” As it is important to keep your body fit and healthy, it is just as important to exercise your brain.

old-person pianoYour average Joe Citizen once finishing their education, usually finds a job where they are trained to become efficient in repetitive work day in and day out. Doing the same things over and over again very rarely requires much brain activity, as your muscles develop a memory, and most workers could almost complete their day to day work tasks with their eyes closed. It is at this point, that your average Joe Citizens brain stops learning anything new, stops being exercised which can lead to disastrous consequences later on in life.

We are seeing a sharp increase in neurological and degenerative brain diseases as our modern lifestyles are making early onset dementia more likely. It is not uncommon for people in their 40’s to start showing signs of early onset dementia. Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for these terrible diseases, however, you can act now to start taking measures to help make it less likely that you will be inflicted with such a disease.

Exercising and challenging the brain is a key ingredient in keeping your brain in a healthy state. There is no better way than to learn a new skill such as learning to play an instrument! Learning to play the guitar or piano keeps your brain very active, where your brain keeps firing neurons and creating new neural pathways as your muscles develop a muscle memory when you become adapt to playing your instrument of choice.

Old guitaristAt JumboNote Music School, a good portion of our students are senior citizens who undertake to learn a new instrument in order to keep their brain active, acquire a new skill and be active in an enjoyable activity. Our teachers tailor lessons to suit senior students. There is no prior experience in music required to take music lessons at JumboNote, and beginners are most welcome!

Do your brain a favor, and learn a new skill!

Call us on 0450 144 399 to book in for a lesson. We hold music lessons in the Sydney suburbs of Beverly Hills and Kogarah.

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