James with The FusionYour child has suddenly developed an interest in learning to play a musical instrument, and like all well meaning parents who want to give their child the best opportunities and experiences in life, you've decided to search for a music school in Sydney that tick all the boxes. You've googled 'music school near me', 'best music school in Sydney', 'cheap music lessons' and so on.... By now, you're most probably perplexed by the vast amount of choices available and the over inflated claims of some. It almost seems like there are music lesson options available on every corner (except if you're looking for saxophone lessons.... there seems to be no available sax teachers anywhere around the globe). There are plenty of offerings, however, from young university students conducting lessons in their mothers basements, teachers willing to travel to your home to conduct lessons, long haired 80's guitar dudes who can play a few riffs willing to give teaching music a go, and even dance schools are now offering music lessons. How do you know if any of these offerings are a good and worthwhile option? It can seem like finding the right teacher for your musical journey is as hard as finding hens teeth. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money trialing scores of teachers in the hope of discovering the right fit!


If you're situated in the St.George areas of Sydney, and know a network of young people either through primary and secondary school's, or through a church group...chances are that if you know somebody who plays a musical instrument, they were taught to play their instrument at JumboNote Music School. Throughout our 14 year history of providing quality music lessons at Kogarah and Narwee, we've educated thousands of students throughout the St.George area and beyond. Our reputation for delivering results and a great music experience has put us on the map as one of the Best Music Schools in Sydney. JumboNote Music School has propelled many artists, soloists and bands into a life of music, and has enriched the St.George area with music culture. We are trying to take the guess work out of choosing the right fit for your child's music education, and invite you to try a few lessons at JumboNote Music School. Below are 7 reasons why JumboNote Music School is your best choice for music lessons. 


1. All our teachers hold University Degrees in Music. 


2. We have our very own small concert venue that holds only 48 seats to give students regular performing opportunities and ability to record their LIVE performances.


3. Our students release an album each year. Click here to view our JumboNote Does Originals album.


4. Our students record songs in our recording studio and create music videos.


5. We have our very own JumboNote TV show that gives students the opportunity to perform on the camera.


6. We hold many major concerts throughout the year such as 'JumboNote Showcase Concert' and our annual 'Battle of the Bands Concert'. Students also have opportunities to perform at festivals throughout Sydney.


7. We inspire students to do much more than just music lessons.....we aim to have all students create a performance portfolio they can be proud of to showcase their talents and take their music further.


JumboNote Music School is a Creative Kids Provider. You can trial 3 lessons at JumboNote for only $5.00 when redeeming your Creative Kids Voucher at JumboNote. To kick start you musical journey at JumboNote Music School, call 0450 144 399.


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