I challenge anybody to find a better mix of young musicians anywhere in Australia that can Rock like Apollo? You've got two of the best young sam moratidis singerguitarists found anywhere in the world (I'm not joking, these guys are that good!) smashing out riffs and soaring solo's, coupled with an amazing keyboardist, plus a solid drummer that is out of this world, and a frontman that possesses the charisma of a 70's rock god legend! Combined together, you've got one hell of a band called "Apollo". Side note: Now that lead singer Sam has recently left the band, it will be really interesting to see what direction new lead singer Elli will take Apollo in with the upcoming Battle of the Bands Competition. Good luck Elli, we really look forward to seeing you on stage with Apollo!


Aiden Lenart - Pahal playing guitarApollo's latest offering is "We're Not Gonna Take It" from album "JumboNote Goes Glam 80's". Punk/Glam really suits these guys stylistically, and musically. Apollo are spot on with their attitude, exuding a fun and care free factor that makes watching them a treat. Aaron Knight is so solid on drums, and provides a solid backbone to the band, and is one to never overplay and overshadow the others. His playing breathes and every snare hit has clarity. A modern young Jon Bonham in the making! Keyboardist Max Bartolo is another freak talent we've just discovered, and has been a huge factor in improving this band tenfold since his arrival. His playing adds so much, without also overpowering the mix....Max has such musicality to allow his parts to breathe, so that other players can mark their presence as well. Brother Lucas has also been a massive factor in why this band has improved so dramatically in 2019. Lucas' riffs, style, stage presence, smile and charisma has the making of the complete musician with plenty of X Factor! What can be said about guitarist Aiden other than this kid is "simply brilliant". Aiden is quite, humble, yet packs an amazing punch with his gutsy playing. You know you are good when the instrument becomes an extension of your personality and body....and this is how I see Aiden with his guitar. The most difficult solo's just come so easy to this kid. Frontman Sam will be hugely missed! His live and filmed performances have always left people talking. Sam always showed plenty of guts and commitment at every performance and always left an impression. Sam is a kid with an old soul that exudes charisma and attitude....this is a rare trait for any lead singer, and one that we find from past legends that graced many stages. 


We look forward to the next chapter of Apollo with new singer Elli!   

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