Girl singing with GuitarWhat makes JumboNote Music School such a great place to develop your musicianship and different from all other Music Schools is that we offer so much more than what regular music schools can offer. Since opening our doors in 2007, our philosophy has always been that JumboNote is to become a music school that is so much more than just music lessons #morethanjustlessons and that our main focus is on developing and discovering talent #discoveringtalent. Lets face it, music lessons can be had from the old piano lady down the road.... it is the learning environment and opportunity that JumboNote offers that is invaluable. We have provided so much more than just music lessons in the past through our Performance Programs with Band Jam, PopVox and our many recording and music video projects. In 2020, we plan on going 1 HUGE STEP further with a totally new program called the "Artist Development" Program. 


We have some amazing teachers at JumboNote who are amazing artists in their own right for our students to whet their creative appetites with. Sam Westphalen aka Sambo Ray Jr has millions of followers on youtube who watch in awe at his unique guitar playing style and creativity as a musician. Matthew Harrison aka Son of Harry is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer who has a great reputation as being one of the best songwriters in Sydney. Matthew will be releasing a book on songwriting in 2020. Matthew also has an amazing ear for production in the studio, and will be taking over our Kogarah - Studio B recording facility for students to use in a greater capacity than ever before in 2020. Ben Gregory is one of the most complete and talented multi instrumental musicians I've ever had the pleasure to have as part of our crew at JumboNote with an amazing ear to boot, who can work some amazingly creative arrangements for songwriters. These are just some of the talents we have at JumboNote who's creative prowess is yet to be utilized for students to access and expand upon. With our new "Artist Development Program", we plan on getting our most creative teachers to mentor students who are at the stage of developing into artists. If you're over doing instrument lessons, and are ready to take the next step into expanding your artistic inner self....then the "Artist Development" Program is for you.


The "Artist Development" Program will include:

  • Regular Studio Recording Sessions (We plan on utilizing our recording facilities at a much greater capacity in 2020 so that all students can create an amazing performance portfolio).
  • Songwriting Classes
  • Composition Classes
  • Master Classes on how to be creative with your instruments and sound. All artists develop a unique sound or style.
  • Production Classes
  • How to Market & Promote Your Music
  • Stage Craft
  • Artistic Style & Imagery 
  • Create Original Songs & Albums
  • Music Videos
  • Regular Performances of Originals

We plan to kick off our "Artist Development" Program in March 2020. There will be more official updates to come. If you'd like to put forward your expression of interest to join our "Artist Development" Program, please contact Jack on 0450 144 399.

Artist Development Program