JumboNote Music School teacher Mr. Manuel Andrade has just released a fourth video with a group of his advanced students performing Guns n’ Roses “Sweet Child O’mine” as heard on the Album “Appetite for Destruction”.  According to Manuel, “the aim of the project was for each student to perform and capture a faithful representation of each instrument as heard on the original recording”.

All students performing on the video are  amazingly all under 12 years of age, and each are still having regular music lessons with Manuel at our Beverly Hills, Narwee, and Kogarah locations. Manuel teaches a mixture of instruments, namely guitar, ukulele, bass and drums and over the years has become one of Sydney’s most sort out music educators.

Manuel Andrade’s dedication & commitment to JumboNote student’s is second to none, as he inspires all students to go beyond what’s learnt in class and get out and perform. Manuel has been at the forefront of many JumboNote projects, and is the brains behind JumboNote TV, will be heading the ‘JumboNote Does Retro‘ Album, and is producer of all our Studio B recital videos and Band Jam videos. ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ was recorded during April 2016, and was mixed and mastered by Manuel Andrade himself.

Students involved in the project:

Vocals: Amelia Giovenali, Lara Teves & Tara Wylie

Guitars: Jared Anota & Benjamin Wong

Keys: Joshua Olaco

Drums: John K Cadornigara

Bass: Manuel Andrade

Vocal Teacher: Ayshe Topal

Vocal Teacher: Chantell Nohra

Guitar & Drums Teacher: Manuel Andrade

To book in for guitar, bass, ukulele or drum lessons at JumboNote Music School with Manuel Andrade, call 0450 144 399 or visit our contact us page. JumboNote Music School hold lessons at Beverly Hills, Narwee and Kogarah.