At JumboNote, our aim has always been to provide students with quality performance opportunities that will excite and motivate students. Battle of the Bands is a friendly competition that JumboNote host each year which involves all our Performance Groups. All students will receive a trophy at the end of their concert, and a Junior and Senior band will be awarded as Battle of the Bands Champions for 2018. 

JumboNote Music School’s ‘Battle of the Bands III’ concert will be held on Sunday 18th of November at Maso’s Mortdale. For more info on the event, please visit

With the announcement of our scoring system and prizes on offer, things have just gotten a little more exciting! This is only the third time JumboNote is holding the ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert, and it has quickly become the Premier event of the JumboNote Performance Calendar!

All students involved in the concert will be receiving trophies, plus the winning bands name will be engraved on the ‘JumboNote Band Jam Champions Cup’, which will be on display in Studio B.

Battle of the Bands III 2018 Rules 

1. Each band, performer, parents and friends are kindly reminded that BOTB’s is not the Eurovision Song Contest!! It is important that everybody participates in the spirit of fun, fairness and support for each band. The moment BOTB’s gets too serious with attendees or participants not accepting or queering the result of the competition…. is the moment we will cancel BOTB’s for good.

2. There are no restrictions in the choice of songs (just as long as there are no explicit words. We are a family friendly environment, and inappropriate themes or lyrics are NOT ON).

3. Each band in the junior competition has 15 minutes, senior competition 20 minutes to present a set performance of their choice.

3. There will be 4 judges filling out score cards for each band. All our band coaches will be part of the judging panel. Manuel Andrade, Ben Gregory, Juan Alvear, & Matthew Harrison will score each band, however, judges will not be permitted to score the bands & groups they have been coaching. Chantell Nohra is the only band coach not on the judging panel due to her commitments as MC. 

4. Each score card from judges will be tallied up, and an average score for each band will be used in determining which band will be ‘JumboNote Battle of the Bands Champions 2018′.

Score Card

1. Overall sound of the band: / 10    (Selection of sounds and playing ability, in combination with one another. Is the band’s sound pleasing to listen to)

2. Musicianship:   / 10     (Are songs executed well? Also, the level of difficulty and musicianship required to perform the songs)

3. Stage presence:   / 10     (Do they have that XFactor, and are interesting to watch?)

4. Versatility:  / 10   (Do they demonstrate a variety of songs and styles?)

5. Crowd Response:   / 10     (Crowd appreciation shown throughout the set)

Win Extra Points!

Audience response will help bands win points, so we urge all punters to be vocal in their support for the bands! Also, this is a rock concert, so we urge band members to once again ditch their ‘Minecraft’ t shirts (nobody wins XFactor awards wearing those) and dress up in Rock Star fashion, smile, have some fun on stage & put on a show.

JumboNote Introduce 2 New Trophies, plus 4 New Individual Awards!

Before we announce the winner of the Battle of the Bands Competition, we will be presenting the following trophies:

  1. Best Song from album ‘JumboNote Does Originals’.
  2. Best Music Video from album ‘JumboNote Does Originals’.
  3. Rising Star of JumboNote 2018 (junior).
  4. Best Entertainer of JumboNote 2018.
  5. JumboNote Musicianship Award 2018.
  6. JumboNote Star of the Year 2018.