For the first time in JumboNote history, we have introduced a new award for “Best Song” & “Best Music Video” for album ‘JumboNote Does Originals’ in both junior and senior categories. The winners will be presented with their winning trophies at the ‘Battle of the Bands III’ competition presentation.

The rules are simple, and voting will take no more than a few minutes.

  1. You must not vote for your own band if your band is involved in this competition (including family members, this will result in a forfeited vote).
  2. You must vote in all 4 competitions, “Best Song” for Junior & Senior categories, and “Best Music Video” for junior and senior categories.
  3. You must leave your name in full to validate your vote. (Your name will not be published, and no members of staff will know who voted for who).
  4. All members of each band must vote in order for the band to receive 10 points towards the competition. Bands who’s members couldn’t be bothered to vote will miss out on 10 vital points.
  5. Voting closes Friday 9th November at 10:00am.

Checkout the snippets of music videos below to refresh your mind on all the songs featured on album ‘JumboNote Does Originals’.  You can vote at bottom of the page.