Business as usual for nowDear Parents,
In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we have been receiving a huge number of calls and emails in regards to what is happening with music lessons at JumboNote. I hope the following will answer some of your questions and concerns:

Q: Are music lessons still going ahead?
A: JumboNote follows the NSW government schools calendar, and we have been monitoring NSW Health for advice on COVID-19. As long as NSW schools are open, we will continue business as normal. School children are currently in classrooms of 20 or more kids, whereas majority of lessons at JumboNote are one-to-one or groups of no more than 5. At this present moment, our lessons are deemed as very low risk. If/when the government announces a shutdown of schools, then JumboNote will oblige with this directive and shutdown all lessons with immediate effect.

Q: Are there any online alternatives to having lessons? 
A: JumboNote is fully prepared for any shutdown, and will have an online presence to still be able to deliver quality lessons for you via a brilliant learning/teaching platform called MyLesson.Live
MyLesson.Live delivers LIVE face to face lessons online, so you can still enjoy music lessons with your teacher in the safety & comfort of your own home.

Q: What happens to our fees if we go into lockdown?
A: Nobody will lose any fee payments if we go into lockdown and stop face to face lessons....this is my promise to you. We encourage all parents to consider keeping their children active and stimulated during these special times and continue on with music lessons via online means. If for any reason, online lessons is not something you would like to partake in, we will stop your weekly subscription debit with JumboNote and resume when the lockdown is lifted. Any excess fees will be credited to your account and available to use at a later date when normal lessons resume.

Q: What precautions is JumboNote taking to ensure the safety of my child?  
A: We are monitoring our teachers health and making sure that they only present to work if they are 100% fit and exhibit no symptoms. We also ask that parents monitor their children and not attend lessons if they exhibit any symptoms. Already this week, we have delivered online lessons to a handful of students who haven't attended lessons due to various reasons. For students attending lessons, it is of great importance that you wash your hands regularly before and after you present for lessons. Singers also should only bring their microphones to lessons and not use our studio microphones. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these special times. I wish all families the best in safety and well being. Keep washing those hands, and hopefully life gets back to normal sooner rather than later.

Kind regards
Jack (Darko) Zoric
JumboNote Australia