COVID-19 AnnouncementAll music lessons at JumboNote Music School will now be delivered ONLINE for the foreseeable future. Due to COVID-19 risks and the NSW Government announcing lockdown measures within the next few days, we have no choice but to cancel all face to face lessons and move to a digitized delivery of lessons. This change is effective immediately and will start Monday 23/03.

JumboNote has delivered online lessons in the past, and it is a viable means to deliver quality lessons with many music teachers using online lessons with great results. Modern technology has allowed for quality LIVE video connections, and it serves music teachers well as the medium allows for teacher/student interaction, where students can receive quality mentoring and direction.

Online schooling is fast becoming the only means to educate our children during these special times, as all schools are moving to online delivery of lessons. Please consider that most extra curricular activities have been cancelled due to COVID-19, however, music falls in the category of being an activity that can be taught remotely by online means. We urge all parents who have any doubts about the validity of online lessons, to at the very least try out a lesson before making any drastic decisions of pulling out there children from another activity. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Emailing me at is preferred as during this COVID-19 period, I am receiving astronomical amounts of phone calls. I promise to get back to each and every email!


Q: How will we organise online lessons with our teacher?
A: Your teacher will be in touch with you ASAP early this week to setup an online lesson. Lessons will still occur at the same time and day as your normal schedule. Your teacher will send you a link, either via sms or email for you to click onto to join a LIVE Video meetup for your lesson. It is very simple and easy to initiate lessons!

Q: What device should I use, and what equipment?
A: It is preferred you use a laptop or a desktop. If not, a smart phone will still work. Set it up so that the teacher can clearly see your top half of your body. Please have your instrument setup, so your teacher can view when you play your instrument.


Online Music Lessons