face to face lessons are back on 

Dear Parents & Students,

Great News! 
Face to face lessons are set to re-start next monday 18th May and we are excited to see you at lessons once again! We are following guidelines from NSW Health and making some necessary changes to our business to ensure the health & safety of all students and staff of JumboNote who engage in face to face lessons. Those who still want to continue with ONLINE lessons can absolutely do so, however, for those who will make a return to normal face to face lessons, the following points are a few guidelines and changes JumboNote will be undergoing to adhere to COVID-19 safe business practices:

  • NO STUDENT OR TEACHER is to attend lessons if they have any form of illness. ONLINE lessons will be provided in circumstances that prevent face to face lessons and will be conducted instead of makeup lessons at a later date.
  • Social distancing rules will still apply and adhered to in all teaching rooms. Markers will be etched into our teaching room floors to demonstrate appropriate distances student and teachers should practice.
  • Piano lessons will now be conducted with 2 piano's in the teaching room (one for student & 1 for teacher to minimise student/teacher contact)
  • Singing students are prohibited from using our studio microphones. All singing students must purchase and use their own singing microphone for lessons. 
  • Our waiting rooms will be CLOSED for the foreseeable future to minimise people unnecessarily congregating inside our premises and breaking social distancing rules. We must have a maximum of less than 10 individuals at any one time in our premises.
  •  A maximum of 1 other person (1 x parent) is permitted to attend the lesson and only sit in the teaching room (not waiting room). We kindly ask the parent attending lessons to adhere to social distancing rules.
  • All common instruments such as piano's, keyboards, guitars and drums will be cleaned with disinfectant cleaner before the start of each session.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each teaching room and students will be required to sanitize their hands before handling any equipment.

Disclaimer: teachers reserve the right to refuse lessons if any student is suspected of being ill and who has not disclosed their current health status. 

If you have recently put lessons on hold due to COVID-19, we will require confirmation of your intention to return to lessons immediately to maintain your reserved spot. Please text 0450144399 and inform us of your intention to return to lessons within the next 48 hrs as new timetables will be drawn up for all teachers.

Please feel free to get in contact with me at anytime if you require any further info. I can be contacted on 0450 144 399 or prefer email jumbonoteaustralia@gmail.com

Stay safe and i hope to see you at lessons next week!

Kind regards
Jack (Darko) Zoric
JumboNote Australia