Long time JumboNote singing student Gillian D’Souza aced her HSC receiving 98% in her HSC music performance exam! Many of our JumboNote mum’s & dad’s would be familiar with Gillian as we’ve used her sublime LIVE performance video (checkout video below) from one of our vocal recitals extensively in many of our JumboNote adverts. We had a short chat with Gillian recently on her recent exam success and got a great insight into her preparation for the exams which no doubt will be a valuable read for all music students preparing for their HSC performance.

Q. What were you required to do for your HSC music performance exam?

A. I was required to perform 4 songs in total for my HSC, and I tried to vary each song to show my versatility as a vocalist.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and how you started singing and performing.

A. I started at JumboNote when I was 12 years old and in year 7. I immediately performed at the JumboNote Showcase Concert that year and remember having a huge buzz after as it was my first performance. After that, as i entered adolescence, I somehow lost confidence and took a huge step back in performing as in a sense was trying to work out who I was, what style I was and all of a sudden I became too self conscious about everything to do with music. It wasn’t until my later teen years that I regained my confidence, and performing LIVE at Studio B and getting great reviews for my performance in ‘Gravity’ gave me a much needed boost in confidence.

Q. How would you describe your time at JumboNote?

A. I studied vocals mostly under Mrs. Ani Blenkinsopp and learnt so much from her. I would say my JumboNote experience has been thoroughly educational & very enjoyable. JumboNote helped me allot in music theory and the fundamentals of singing. I enjoyed every class!

Q. What are you up to now since you’ve graduated?

A. Currently I’m at UNSW studying science and teaching. I’m working on a youtube channel where I upload and share covers. I’m also getting a buskers license so I can busk on the streets of Sydney with my friend to earn a little bit of cash.

Q. Have you any advise for current music students aiming to do music for their HSC?

A. Don’t compare yourself to other students, artists or performers….everybody is unique and different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself as examiners love a performer who is unique and not a carbon copy of somebody. Try your best, and work hard.

JumboNote Music School would like to wish Gillian all the best with her music and studies.

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