Hearts of HarmonyHearts of Harmony are the first Vocal Pop Band to win a Battle of the Bands trophy in JumboNote history. Not a bad accomplishment for 4 young singers who only got together a few months ago and performed together for the very first time! For a few of these singers, it was also a first time performance on a big stage. Band master Ms Chantell Nohra prepared these girls amazingly well. Their vocal harmonies were executed perfectly, their stage presence was excellent, their repertoire was amazing and they were most entertaining to watch.


Music is a form of self expression, and just like a guitarist expresses themself through their instrument when he/she does a solo, so to do singers utilize their voices as their instrument....and when you have 4 singers on stage combining to create harmony, plenty can go wrong if all singers are not spot on. Hearts of Harmony are 4 girls on top of their game, and combined beautifully to produce a flawless performance where each vocalist shined without any one singer taking centre stage and overshadowing the others. Also it must be said that singing to pre-recorded backing tracks can tend to have a negative effect in rendering a performance as lifeless, lacking in dynamics and feel as opposed to singing with a live band....and it usually calls for vocal energy and a super performance to create something memorable that moves peoples. Hearts of Harmony won the crowd over with their energy, stage presence, harmonies and song choice.  


Hearts of Harmony on stageHearts of Harmony opened their set with Whitney Houstons high energy hit "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" which got the crowd in a great mood. They then chose to slow the pace down a tad with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" from hit movie A Star Is Born. The vocal harmonies in this one were a delight and gave all punters plenty of ear candy. Finally, they ended the set with everybody's favorite ABBA song "Mamma Mia". Hearts of Harmony were solid in all 3 songs, and each song showed something different which kept their set fresh in keeping the audience wanting more. There isn't allot of history for us to draw on for this new outfit, however, Hearts of Harmony have already managed to write themselves into the JumboNote history books....we look forward to see what the future holds for this exciting new band!


Hearts of Harmony are: Bethany Lui, Karina Giokaris, Jhanerii Onia, and Olivia Barsoum.

Band master: Chantell Nohra