Did you know your posture maybe affecting your singing?

Before we talk about how posture relates to singing, lets have a quick look at our anatomy. Proper singing technique should be through an inhalation of air to descend the diaphragm down. 

When your posture isn’t correct the diaphragm has a tendency to not go down all the way which means you don’t have enough air to produce breathing like a singer will never happen with poor posture sounds which leads to being off pitch and a weak tone in the singing, and as a result you would have tendency to strain even harder through those neck muscles and vocal just to “squeeze” any air out to produce the sounds, which would cause neck shoulder pain and scarring of the vocal cords. There are certain exercises that can be utilised for better posture and better breathing so this doesn’t happen.

JumboNote vocal student and chiropractor at Blakehurst Chiropractic Dr. Eric Poon knows all about the importance of correct posture not just for singing, but also for good health and well being.

Dr Eric Poon

Eric has been working as a chiropractor for over 8 years. Currently the principal chiropractor as well as and the director of Blakehurst Chiropractic. He also works in nursing homes providing pain management and rehabilitative exercise to the elderly patients. His passion and philosophy in treatment is simple, work on the muscles and the bones. An addition, currently working with the fighters at Taipan Muay Thai Gym at  Mortdale in providing rehabilitative exercises, strength and conditioning as well as pre-fight warm-ups for the fighters.

If you have any questions on this topic, or require a chiropractor and health practitioner you can trust, contact Dr Eric Poon at Blakehurst Chiropractic (02) 9546 6033 or 0421 579 049 https://www.blakehurstchiro.com.au/