Direct Debit Makes SenseWe’re Moving to Weekly Payments of Fees via Direct Debit in 2020:

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In order to simplify our Account Payment process, we kindly ask that all JumboNote Music School fees be payable by weekly Direct Debits from your nominated Bank Account from January 2020. If you’re already subscribed to Netflix, Spotify, or have a gym membership, you would have already by now experienced the benefits and peace of mind of paying fees via Direct Debit. Unfortunately, we have come at a stage in our business where the accounts process in collecting outstanding fees has become too time consuming, expensive and a strain on our business. As founder of JumboNote Music School, my role has quick become one of a debt collector, rather than doing the things that inspired me to get into this business. Having to constantly chase late payers has prevented my office and I from concentrating on what’s important for our most valued customers & our business.  


We have made this decision as the savings achieved in this area will be utilized in maintaining our fees at a very competitive level. We have already successfully utilised Direct Debit for many of our customers in term 4, and from a processing point of view, Direct Debit has significantly lowered administration time and costs. This allows JumboNote Music School to continue to focus on delivering a high quality service of Music Education at affordable rates.


The other benefit that payment by Direct Debit offers you is the convenience of ensuring that your account is paid on time, without the hassle of having to manually process the payment yourself.

  • No more bill shock!
  • No more large, upfront payments that can break your budget!
  • No more late fees!
  • No more dreaded phone calls from our office that can put us in a sour relationship and cause unnecessary stress!


We have sent you a link below and invite you to setup direct debit payments with JumboNote Australia Pty Ltd for a weekly fee starting at only $36.00 (weekly fees are calculated according to your weekly lesson load). We will only take out weekly payments to successfully complete the full term. Direct Debit can be stopped at anytime….it’s your call when you want to stop payments! 

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Direct Debit Details is Required for Enrolment for 2020:

To successfully continue enrolment and reserve your spot for 2020 at JumboNote….you will be required to complete our easy online sign up form by 20/12/2019 to ensure continued enrolment at your reserved lesson time and day for 2020. Failure to sign up will unfortunately forfeit your spot.

Pls note: This service is completely flexible and can be customized to suit each parent’s pay cycle, so please let us know by emailing if you have a preferred frequency (weekly, or fortnightly) and preferred day to make payment (Monday – Friday).


JumboNote Australia Pty Ltd has partnered with GoCardless to provide you with this service. GoCardless Pty Ltd is a fully compliant Direct Debit service and has a stringent set of compliance and quality assurance measures in place.


New Prices for 2020:

  • 1 x weekly lesson $36 (increase of only $1.00)
  • 2nd weekly lesson 10% off $32.40
  • 3rd weekly lesson 10% off $32.40 (no longer offering 15% off)
  • Performance Program (Band Jam & PopVox) $21 (increase of $2.00)


What's Happening in 2020:

JumboNote always strives to be the leaders in music and performance, and we are always looking at new and exciting ways to benefit student experiences through music education. In 2020, we will be introducing new and exciting programs developed from the USA which have been proven to accelerate learning and increase student interest. We also have some exciting news coming for our Performance Program students. Stay tuned!


Terms & Conditions:

We always endeavour to debit fees and maintain payment at least 1 week in advance.

Please note, there is a $5.50 dishonour fee if payments default. We will try a 2nd time automatically approx. 24 - 48 hrs later to take payment again which will include your $5.50 dishonour fee, and if it fails a 2nd time, we will contact you to inform you of a 3rd and final attempt at taking payment from your account. Unfortunately, if we fail to receive payment on our 3rd attempt, we may have no option but to cancel lessons until all fees are sorted and up to date.


Cancelling Enrollment and Direct Debit:

To cancel lessons and our direct debit, we require 14 days notice of your intention to cancel lessons. Please email for all cancellations.

Please note that as was always the case, all students are automatically re-enrolled each term until we have been appropriately notified of your cancellation.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0450 144 399 as I’m always available to have a friendly chat about any concerns or questions you may have.

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