JumboNote Does Originals

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Manuel Andrade.

Visit our Band Camp page to view all of our albums from the past! Album can be streamed and downloaded from the above music player! ‘JumboNote Does Originals′ is completely free on BandCamp…however, we do accept donations via our BandCamp page when downloading the album.  

Checkout some of the music videos from the album below. We hope you enjoy the album! 

Album credits: Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Manuel Andrade at JumboNote Studio B – Kogarah

Music video credits: Studio Beez – Manuel Andrade. The Sky Painters, Symphony 5 & Top Shelf – Matthew Harrison. The Internet Scams & Copper Dolls – Ben Gregory & Chantell Nohra. Apollo, Zombie Kids & The Fourtunes – Juan Alvear & Darko Zoric.