Album: JumboNote Does Originals

Our best ever album release! Available on iTunes, Google Play & Spotify!

An all original compilation album written and performed by JumboNote bands Studio Beez, The Sky Painters, Symphony 5, The Fourtunes, Copper Dolls, Zombie Kids, The Internet Scams, Apollo and Top Shelf.

A free version will be available for download from Wednesday 3rd October on Bandcamp!

Special thanks to Manuel Andrade for his time and dedication in producing such a wonderful album that our JumboNote community can be proud of. Your dedication to our students is endless, and you always bring out the best in JumboNote and our bands.

Special thanks to all the teachers involved in our Performance Program, especially those who went beyond expectation, and sacrificed their weekends to create beautiful music videos that have helped make this album, by far the greatest yet! It is this dedication that makes JumboNote so special.