Our terms & conditions are simple and logical and there is no fine print. All we ask is  that you respect our teachers valuable time, honor your lesson time each week by turning up and communicate with us every step of the way!

Welcome to JumboNote Music School

Congratulations on your first step to developing your music journey!

JumboNote Music School is Sydney’s premier music performance program. With hundreds of students enrolled across our locations around Sydney, we have the capacity and scale to develop programs for musicians of all ages which will help turn them into exciting and charismatic performers.

Whilst we appreciate you are keen to start your musical journey at JumboNote Music School, we’d like to highlight some important information so that there is no confusion down the track!

Lesson Attendance Policy:

To benefit from lessons and grow musically, students are required to turn up to their designated spot each week throughout a term (terms are usually 10 wks). Please remember and respect that we have reserved you a spot each week which occupies our teachers valuable time and continuous missed lessons will not be tolerated. If you cannot commit to a regular half hr appointment each week, please reconsider reserving a regular spot as our teachers only want to work with serious students who are committed to learn and not waste their valuable time.

For time poor parents and students, we also offer casual one off lessons, however, they are charged at a premium rate of $42 per half hr lesson and casual students are not guaranteed a reserved spot at a regular time each week. 

Missed Lessons:

We allow 1 makeup lesson per term, per student, as long as you meet any of the following criteria.

You advise us 24 hrs prior to an impending absence or
You produce a doctor’s certificate due to an illness.
Please contact your teacher directly if you will be absent.

All makeup lessons must be completed before the start of the next term.

Pls note: No absence will result in a credit carried on to the following term.


To be successfully enrolled and reserve a regular weekly spot, we require you to pay each term in full (students who pay upfront receive a discount). No reductions or credits are made if you miss a lesson.  If you wish to pay as you go each week, you will automatically be considered a casual student and charged our premium rate $42 per lesson without a reserved lesson spot.

Failure to Pay Fees:

Failure to pay term fees by due dates voids your upfront discount, and a $20 fee will be added to your invoice (which is in line with our standard lesson rate of $37 per half hr). Evading payment of term fees, however, may mean that JumboNote Australia Pty Ltd will require the services of PRUSHKA Mendelsons Lawyers to recover owed fee’s. When such steps are required to recover fees, by you (the parent or student) engaging in lessons with JumboNote Australia Pty Ltd, you are agreeing to abide by our terms & conditions which includes paying all legal fees and costs associated with recovering fees you owe. JumboNote Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to add a $33 admin fee to your invoice in handing over your account to an outside agency for collection.

Family Discounts:

JumboNote offers a number of discounts if you do more than 1 lesson per week or if you have a family of 2 or more children. Visit http://jumbonote.com.au/individual-lessons/ for a price list

Stopping Lessons:

We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice if you wish to discontinue lessons at JumboNote. Please email jumbonoteaustralia@gmail.com to notify us of your request to cancel lessons.

Agreeing to our terms & conditions:

By enrolling at JumboNote Music School, you are acknowledging that you are in agreement with the above terms & conditions.   

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact our Founder Jack Zorich on 0450 144 399.