Level 5 in the parkLevel 5 are a band that plays a far more sophisticated style of music than one could imagine for kids their age. Their latest offering "Don't Stop Believing' is a pop song, however, a little more sophisticated than your average pop hit. It is the perfect song choice that plays to all of the Junior Band Jam Champions strengths. Having 2 keyboardists allows the band to have a very pop oriented sound where the keyboards drive the song rather than just being used for creating atmosphere. Keyboardists Angel and Alexander play very well together and never step on each others toes as they rhythmically drive the song. Angel is a talented multi instrumentalist who also sings and provides great backing vocals. Angel is one of our nominees in the "The Best Junior Keyboardist Award" which will be announced at our "Battle of the Bands" presentations. Good luck Angel. Alexander is an upcoming keyboardist who has fitted in nicely in the band and provides depth to Angels lead keys. Guitarist Beepees has already achieved what most young guitarists struggle to achieve in a lifetime, and that is developing your own "sound". Her guitar tone is beautiful, and her playing is gutsy as she chugs away giving the mix some much needed energy. Her playing gave the mix dynamics in all the right sections, and her solo was beautifully melodic.


Drummer Mason is as good a drummer as any kid can get. I wouldn't hesitate in having him play in my adult band, that's how good this kid plays! One of Mason's greatest qualities is that he adapts his playing to no matter what style is required... you sense Mason can play allot heavier if the song called for it, however, his maturity as a musician shows as he is always stylistically perfect for every song he plays. Vocalist Elise has it all.... presence, power, great range and plenty of charisma. One of the great things about Elise is that she always leaves an impression no matter where she performs. Elise is the perfect lead singer for any pop outfit that requires the all important X Factor. On a side note, a nice feature to 'Don't Stop Believing' was the vocal harmonies. Well done Level 5!


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