JumboNote founder, Jack ZoricOur office is officially open for 2020 and I'm super excited to talk to you about your child's music journey in 2020!

For those that don't know me, I'm Jack (Darko) Zoric (please call me Jack), and I am the founder of JumboNote Music School which is now in it's 14th year! I am back in the hot seat at JumboNote and my goal for 2020 is to provide you, our valued customer with the best customer service experience found anywhere. I'm always interested in talking to students and parents about your child's personal musical needs, and offer advice on what programs, type of lessons, best course of action would suit your child best. I always strive for all students to have the best possible music education experience, and am always keen to help keep progress at an optimum throughout your musical journey at JumboNote Music School. 

I'm free to chat 24/7. Please feel free to text or call me anytime on 0450 144 399. You can also email me at jumbonoteaustralia@gmail.com

Here's to a joyous, successful and musical 2020!

Yours Faithfully
Jack Zoric
Founder - JumboNote Music School