JumboNote Does Like a VersionWe are excited to announce that the album we will be releasing in 2020 will be ‘JumboNote Does Like A Version’. You may ask, what exactly is this concept 'Like a Version'? Quite simply, 'Like A Version' is a tripple J concept where artists perform their own take of a current hit. It could be a mashup of multiple songs, or a singular song re-created in a totally different way from the original. Many 'Like A Version' songs have gone onto being just as popular, and in some cases more popular than the original! We believe that exploring an album such as 'JumboNote Does Like A Version' will be the perfect opportunity to move in the direction we want our bands and artists to explore.


After consulting our teachers, students and bands, it has become clear that certain creative factors have been largely missed in our Band Programs and album productions in years gone by. This year, we aim to make some huge changes and bring back musical creativity into our Band Programs and improve the recording experience during the production of the album. Music isn't just about playing the right notes, there is so much more involved in moving an audience. Our aim is not to develop note perfect musicians, but to discover unique artists with a unique sound that an audience will find interesting to listen to. Our current band coaches are all artists in their own right who perform and write music...they will aid in helping bands and artists explore, develop and discover a unique sound that each artist and band can call their own. After all, music is art, and it's not the perfect notes that make listeners interested, but rather how those notes are played and what thought, feeling, emotion and inspiration went into playing those notes. JumboNote, it's time to get creative!


Issues Raised: Things like students not having any input and influence on the choice of songs and production of our albums have been raised. General consensus has been that the repertoire in the past has been one to impress our parents, rather than choosing a repertoire that might get teenage kids to be interested in and listening to the music our bands create. After all, our bands ultimate aim is to gain fans and get a wider audience interested in their music, not just their parents! Also, we're aware that students have not enjoyed the recording sessions in years gone by, as it always seemed rushed and there was no band/student input into how things should sound....and students generally hated recording in isolated sessions without their band being present and helping choose what takes are used for the final release.


Our Aim: So we get it, everybody is over the whole 'Classic Rock' thing, and bands want to start playing a more modern repertoire similar to the music they themselves listen to and kids their age are into! We’re aiming to take this years album experience to a whole new level, and have our artists and bands play a major part in choosing the song repertoire, and having creative input during the recording and production of the album! 


Changes in Recording Sessions: For 'JumboNote Does Like a Version', all sessions will now be attended by the whole band collectively in 3-4hr sessions. That way, bands can feel like a band in the recording studio, boost each others morale, have creative input into the process and generally have fun together feeling like rock stars! This element during the recording phase is one that is most important in making the band and artist feel connected with the final recording. We aim to have all students invested artistically and emotionally during the recording phase and feel as though their creative influence has been realised with the final product.


Possible Changes in Creating Music Videos: Majority of kids are tech savvy these days and sound video production skills comes part and parcel of having a presence on social media platforms. We are looking into the possibility of having our bands self produce their own music video. 


Album Cover To Be Designed by Students: We are now opening up the album cover design to students. If there are any talented artists/graphic designers....we'd love for you to design our album cover! The album cover in this article is just for demonstration purposes.


We hope that the new direction we are taking in the album production of 'JumboNote Does Like A Version' will be a major improvement for our performance program. In the meantime, enjoy one of the most famous 'Like a Version' recordings of 'Brother' covered by Matt Corby in the video below!



If you’re looking to take your music to the next level, join our ‘Performance Program’ for 2020 and be part of our ‘JumboNote Does Like A Version' album. Call us on 0450 144 399 for more details.