Get your leopard print tights on, strap on those pointy boots, put some bright glow lipstick on, add some glitter and tease that hair…cause JumboNote is about to go ‘GLAM’ 80’s!

We are excited to announce that the album we will release for 2019 will be ‘JumboNote Goes Glam 80’s’. After getting our loyal followers to vote and decide what album we do next, ‘Glam 80’s’ got the nod ahead of ‘JumboNote Goes Unplugged’ and ‘JumboNote Does Electronica’. We’re aiming to take this experience to a whole new level, complete with 80’s glam fashion, the huge reverb on the snare drum, and all the cheesy bits that made the 80’s such a quirky era. Let’s make this the most colorful and fun album ever created at JumboNote!

If you’re looking to take your music to the next level, join our ‘Performance Program’ for 2019 and be part of our ‘JumboNote Goes Glam 80’s’ album. Call us on 0450 144 399 for more details.