Performance Program – All You Need To Know!

Info regarding our Performance Program: JumboNote Music School coaches over a dozen bands, and we have found that our Performance Program is one of the most fruitful means in providing students with greater performance opportunities, uncovering talent and bringing musical joy to students and their families.

We are aware that students, parents and families are busier than ever, and as such have designed this program to not overwhelm students with too much of a commitment. There is, however, a small level of commitment required by each band member to ensure that a band can adequately progress and that all performance opportunities can be realised in respect for each member of the band. The only requirements we have with students joining our performance program is the following:

  1. Attend regular Band Jam rehearsal once per week at your designated time.
  2. Each band to perform at 2 concerts per year….1st being the ‘JumboNote Showcase Concert’ in term 2, and 2nd being our premiere event… the end of year ‘Battle of the Bands’ Competition held each year in term 4. Each year, there is a  ‘Battle of the Bands Winners’ trophy and other titles to be one such as ‘Best Music Video Award’ and ‘Best Song on the Album Award’. Every participant will be awarded a trophy for their efforts throughout the year.
  3. Each band to contribute to 1 recording/music video each year which gets released as part of our annual JumboNote album release on iTunes – Cost $90 per student which involves recording, mixing, filming and editing.

Any extra-curricular performances are optional and subject to students being in agreement to attend, such as the Oatley Spring Fair, McDonalds McHappy Day & The Sydney Show at Moore Park.

If you have any questions regarding Band Jam / Pop Vox, please call Jack Zorich on 0450 144 399.

[VIDEO] Checkout our JumboNote band “Studio Beez” in one of our music videos featured on album “JumboNote Does Billboard Hot Singles 2017”.