Learn to perform on stage and harmonize with other talented vocal band members. PopVox Band will take your vocal lessons to another level as you learn the art of stage presence and proper microphone technique. Regular live performances, albums and music videos feature in the PopVox Group training program. For more info, visit our blog Performance Program – All You Need To Know.

For all PopVox Band sessions, class details are as follows:

Location & Time of Class:

  • Narwee Studio B
  • Kogarah Studio B

Call for current Pop Vox openings and times

Length of each session:

1 hour

Class size:

between 3 to a maximum of 5 students per class

Session fees:

Discount: from $21 for students undertaking individual lessons at JumboNote

Regular Rate: $30 for all other students

Call 0450 144 399 for more details