1.  Regular music video shot in recording studio $279 (JumboNote students) $350 (non JumboNote students)

2.  Green screen music video $350 (JumboNote students) $420 (non JumboNote students)

Where: Recording sessions – Beverly Hills Studio A at 66a Broadarrow Rd Narwee.

When: School Holidays period Tuesday 17th April & Thursday 19th April. Other days may open up if Tuesday and Thursday are booked out.

Contact: For more info, please ring 0450 144 399.

Music Video Shoot – Beverly Hills Studio B at 1, Shop 1 Fisher Place Narwee.

We live in a digital world, and for a musician, content is everything! If somebody asked you “what have you got to demonstrate your musical ability”, have you got anything decent to show them? Most musicians come to realize the importance of creating a ‘Performance Portfolio’ once it is too late when they weren’t able to capitalize on opportunities when they came knocking.

For any budding musician, having a quality performance portfolio is of utmost importance. JumboNote Music School make it easy for any musician to build a quality performance portfolio on a budget. We understand the importance of musicians putting out quality content regularly and have ourselves experienced the almost impossible task of creating regular content with the crazy amounts charged by music video creators and recording studios. It is not uncommon to pay in the tens of thousands for the privilege of recording in a studio and creating a music video.

We’ve put together a package that is very affordable, and produces great results so that you can put out quality content more often without breaking the bank. For only $279, you too can star in your very own music video and showcase your talents to the world!

How Does it Work?

  1. All recording and filming sessions will take place during the school holidays in-between 16th April – 28th April.
  2. After consulting with you on which song you’d like to record, we’ll organize a quality backing track and arrange a recording date with you at our studio.
  3. The recording session will be most efficient, and take roughly 1 hr of studio recording time. Provided you are well rehearsed, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to record 7 or more full takes plus work on backing vocals in your session.  After all, your vocal quality will diminish after 1 hr as your voice tires, so doing any longer hours in the studio is really just a grab for money which you needlessly would be billed for as nothing of quality is achieved after the first few takes. Studios who have a policy of making clients book a minimum of 3-4 hrs for vocal recordings is a rort!
  4. After you’ve recorded all your tracks, your producer will comp a super vocal take from all of your vocal (or instrumental) takes which will serve as your master vocal track. Your producer will export a rough mix of your performance which will serve as a guide track for your music video session.
  5. Your music video session will run roughly 1 hr and consist of filming you singing (or playing) along to your guide track in front of either a studio background or a green screen background. We will also shoot some B roll scenes to use as cut scenes providing alternate footage from the main scenes. B roll gives some variety to your music video.  Within 1 hr, we can easily shoot over 10 different scenes in multiple angles with multiple cameras plus shoot some B roll scenes. If you don’t know what a green screen is, checkout this video at the following link and don’t forget to NOT wear green during your music video shoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0h_BVLRSeI
  6. After you’ve completed your recording and video sessions, all the audio and video files will be sent to our mixing suites for mixing, mastering and editing. We will spend multiple hrs mixing your recorded tracks that sounds clear, and professional and sync and edit your video files so that the music video is cut to look exciting, professional and captivating.
  7. We will provide you with a digital MP4 movie file (or any file format you require) of your completed music video which will be easy for you to upload and share on youtube, facebook and social media.

Terms & Conditions:

Payment must be made in full before the sessions commence.
JumboNote reserves the right to use any footage for marketing purposes.