If you haven’t gathered, life is filled with changes. Changes in school, work and relationships are quite common, and sometimes challenging.

It’s no different when a music teacher decides that they are going to pursue a new opportunity for themselves and their lives. Often the hardest thing for them is to say goodbye to their students.

As students it can be just as hard to say goodbye. Music teachers play a significant role in our life – they not only teach us, but they’ve helped us grow personally, and there is a bond that has developed between a student and a teacher.

So what’s the best way to deal with it? Here are a few ideas:

Don’t Take it Personally

You may remember in school when new teachers came on board, and old teachers left? They have their personal and professional reasons, and whilst students are very dear to all teachers, they also have to look after their careers and take opportunities that will help them grow and advance. It’s never about the student – the teacher does however have ambitions and responsibilities as well.

Say a Proper Thank You and Goodbye

There are many ways to say goodbye – have your fellow students take up a collection and buy a gift and a good luck card. As a student of music, you may wish to have one last recital in honour of your teacher. This is something that will ease the transition for both the student and the teacher.

Take Efforts to Know Your New Teacher

Often starting something new can still make you nervous – music teachers aren’t any different – imagine all the students they have to get to know and learn about. However as a student it’s just as important to know about your teacher, what their strengths are, and talk about what you would like to learn and your own goals as well. Look at what you have in common and how you can use that to strengthen the new student-teacher relationship that you’re embarking on.

Embrace the Change

Your new music teacher will have a number of strengths and styles of teaching that will challenge you and help you grow as you develop yourself into a musician. Take on board what is coming your way – a new teaching style will help you to discover more about your own skills and help you to strengthen another musical ability . Be positive, there is so much you can learn from a change in teacher.

Be Positive!

This is the most important. As you transition to a new teacher, it’s normal to miss your old teacher, but honour them and what they have taught you, be positive and show your new teacher what you’re made of!

At the end of the day, your new teacher has your best interests in mind and really does want to do a good job for you. So go in to your new class with the best intentions and show them that you’re an awesome student. You’ll soon settle in, and all will be well.