When: Each Wednesday at 5:00pm starting from 21st November – 12th December

Where: JumboNote Music School Kogarah – Studio B located at 2/204 Railway Pde Kogarah

Course Duration: 4 weeks in total with each masterclass running approx 1.5 hrs – 2hrs each 

Suitable Age: 12 years – Adult

Class Size: Maximum 12

Cost: $199

Instructor Bio:

Matthew Harrison is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer and a teacher at Jumbonote Music School in Kogarah and Beverly Hills. He has been an active songwriter since the early 2000’s across numerous musical projects and strives to pass on his songwriting skills to his students here at Jumbonote.

Course Description:

Learn, analyze, and apply the foundational and structural elements of songwriting with a focus on developing your own unique style and sound. This course is designed for both aspiring and experienced songwriters. The elements of songwriting are outlined, then applied toward your own composition!


  • Willingness to try, and be open to suggestions.
  • Basic understanding of music theory.
  • Ability to play an instrument or sing at an intermediate level.
  • Having previously written songs is not a prerequisite.

Course Objectives/Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will:

Gain knowledge of songwriting tools and how to use them to develop their own unique personal voice.

Additional Course Materials | Supplies:

  • Pen and paper/notebook.
  • Instrument if applicable.
  • Smartphone if you have one (Notepad app, Voice Memo, Guitar tuner, Pro Metronome, etc).

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of songwriting.
  • Gain knowledge of useful songwriting techniques.
  • Gain knowledge of Music technologies and how to utilize them efficiently in your own music.
  • Gain an understanding of what inspiration is and some tips on how you can generate it.

For more info, call Matthew Harrison on 0416 611 733