Jared Anota has been a student at JumboNote for some time now and has been studying guitar under head guitar teacher & principal Mr Manuel Andrade. From early on, Jared always presented himself as a serious and talented student, with teacher Manuel Andrade promoting him into our Performance Program almost immediately, where Jared became lead guitarist of band ‘Studio Beez’.

Jared’s performance portfolio is second to none, having been involved in nearly every JumboNote album, recital and concert. Jared has also recorded many music videos with band Studio Beez and played a pivotal role in Studio Beez being crowned “JumboNote Battle of the Bands Champions 2017.

According to mentor Mr Manuel Andrade, “Jared is the best type of student any teacher can hope for….he is a fast learner who has genuine love for his instrument. Jared possesses the ear, feel and soul of a great musician, and will achieve great things with music if he continues to put his heart and soul into playing his instrument”.

Q & A with Jared Anota

Q: How long have you been at JumboNote?I have been at JumboNote for 5 years

Q: What is your  greatest achievement/memory at JumboNote? My greatest achievement at JumboNote is being part of band Studio Beez and improving my theory and practical skills in guitar and music.

Q: What are you currently excited about with music?  Currently I am excited about learning new music theory, new songs and exciting new solos.

Q: What does the future hold for Jared Anota and his guitar? The future for me holds endless shredding, learning more about guitar and love for my guitar

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