Studio Beez action shotWhenever Studio Beez produce a recording and new music cannot help but expect they'll produce something AMAZING! After wowing us with so many amazing recordings such as 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and music videos such as 'We Made It', the prospect of them doing "November Rain" for the 'JumboNote Goes Glam 80's' album excited me no end to think of what they would come up with next. Deliver they did, with this amazing music video shot in the iconic La Perouse. Band Master Manuel Andrade is always pushing the envelope of what can be done with a miniscule budget and so little time, but always manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Studio Beez now have a performance portfolio that would be the envy of any professional musician.


These guys are at the top of their game, and no more so than young Keiran on keys who has really become a major player in the band. This guy is barely recognisable from his last music video (amazing what testosterone can do to a young man), and his playing and actions are also at another level. What I love about Tara as a singer is that she is a true artist and remains always true to herself. She always sings songs her way, and sings to her strengths. November Rain's vocal arrangement is so unique and artistically composed that you'd be forgiven if you were lead to believe that Tara actually wrote the song. John on drums is in great form, not only does he play amazingly, he also exudes every bit the rock drummer and provides so much dynamics in this song. This guy seems to never put a foot wrong.


Benjamin and Jared are such amazing guitarists that I'm finding it hard to justify calling these guys students any longer. studio beez cliff shotThese guys are masters, and should be respected as Masters of their instruments. With a little more self confidence, these guys will be hot property and will be able to walk into any professional working band in Australia and tear the stage apart. Their musicality is complete and second to none, all they need to master now is the business side of things....this will come with experience and maturity. I expect huge things from both of these guys. Being part of Studio Beez has no doubt improved both guitarists no end, as they both pushed each other to levels I believe wouldn't have been attained if the other was not present.  


The guys from Studio Beez will become household names in the near future if they continue making musical strides as they have been over these last few years.

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