Symphony 5 have seen a huge transition in 2019. Once upon a time, they were this awesome little kid they are all grown up, teenagers with a point to prove, playing a more sophisticated style of music and carving out a unique sound they can call their own. They've even been invited to perform in the JumboNote Senior Battle of the Bands Competition for long juniors! 


Knocking On Heavens Door is the type of song that has been covered many times, and more or less, most singers tend to intentionally or unintentionally mimic the sounds of Axel Rose's version....but not Nicola. This girl is unique in every way and always uses her own artistic touch to all the songs she covers. Nicola gives this version her own unique sound and puts her own twist on it, and utilizes a more, delicate, softer tone that works wonders. The injection of talented new lead guitarist Elijah has really given Symphony 5 a huge boost, and gives them that rock edge all bands seek. Andrei on keys is solid as ever, and always gives the band the harmonic depth that gives Symphony 5 a full sound. With Andrei playing, you always have the sense that Symphony 5 have allot more players filling their sound than just the 3 instrumentalists and 1 singer. Young drummer Jason is a huge talent, and a kid that is going places with his ability. The thing that I love about this little guy is that unlike most drummers, he never over plays and only plays what is required, consistently and solidly. He is always spot on, like a human metronome, and his musicality to play sparingly gives space for all the band members to mark their presence. Many professionals could learn a thing or two from this little fella. 


We are expecting big things from this outfit in years to come....keep it up guys!

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