Online lessons at JumboNoteDear Parents & Students,

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all students, parents and teachers for your patience and willingness to change in order to keep up with music lessons during these challenging times. Your support has been amazing! We are currently delivering around 205 weekly lessons online, and although some lessons have been a challenge for various reasons, as a whole, we have largely seen great feedback from parents, students and teachers. If you have put lessons on hold for the time being until we resume with normal lessons, I urge you to at least give online lessons a try! We are blessed that music is one of the last remaining activities that doesn't have to be cancelled on your child.... with a little patience and creativity, your child can still enjoy quality music lessons online.

Since none of us are going away on holidays anytime soon, and life is at a standstill at home....why not keep your child busy and active during the holiday period and continue on with lessons? If you'd like to continue with ONLINE lessons during the school holiday period, please email or text me on 0450144399, or alternatively let your teacher know your intention to continue on with lessons. 

Term 2 starts back Monday 27th April, and as far as we know, social distancing rules still apply throughout April. We will still continue with ONLINE lessons until restrictions are lifted. All students reserved times, subscriptions and memberships will continue automatically for term 2 unless we've been notified otherwise. If you require any change in your schedule, pls email

Our first direct debit for term 2 will be made THURSDAY 23rd April as all debits are made 1 week in advance. Any accounts which have been organised for debits to be made on different days and frequencies will continue as per normal with the first debit made on the week before term 2 starts.
Please feel free to get in contact with me at anytime if you require any further info. I can be contacted on 0450 144 399 or email

Stay safe and Happy Easter!

Kind regards
Jack (Darko) Zoric
JumboNote Australia


If you'd like to join JumboNote Music School for ONLINE lessons, call us on 0450 144 399.