The Fusion Celebrating What a year it has been for The Fusion. From being a band in total disarray with no direction and a most disappointing performance at our Easter Family Show spectacle at Moore Park (which almost tore the band apart) becoming Winners of the Best Music Video Award on album 'JumboNote Goes Glam 80's' and taking out JumboNote's most prestigious award in becoming 'JumboNote Battle of the Bands Champions for 2019'. The Fusion have become JumboNote's Lazarus.... back from the dead to become JumboNote's most exciting band!  

From the moment these guys hit the stage with their opening number, you knew that The Fusion were about to produce a memorable performance. The hunger, the energy, the excitement was all there, and punters were left thinking that it would take something special to beat The Fusion for the ultimate prize. Front man James Grbevski produced a performance that can only be described as legendary in all of JumboNote's 13 year existence. Apart from his vocals being in fine form, James even managed to jump off stage for an extended period dancing around the punters and their tables whilst The Fusion did an instrumental breakdown. The Fusions set had everybody talking, and nobody doubting who deserved to be the eventual winners for 2019.


For the first time in our Battle of the Bands history, we had 8 judges scoring points on criteria such as stage presence, versatility, musicianship, overall sound, and crowd response. The Fusion got full marks in many of the categories to become clear winners of the event. 

James Grbevski

There are no rivals when it comes to categories such as Stage Presence, as James' stage presence is out of this world, so much so that I would be confident to put him up against the likes of legends such as Mick Jagger, and back James every day of the week! Let's not forget the other members when it comes to contributing to the showmanship of the band, as young drummer Hunter Solomons provides plenty of energy in his own right, even if he is at the back of stage behind the drums. One could only imagine what he could do if you stuck a microphone in his hands and freed him from the constraints of the kit....he'd tear the stage apart. Keyboardist Andrew Bellis also has a quirky, characterful presence on stage. He may not be as loud as James and Hunter, however, he has a rather cool cat persona where he may throw a punter a quick wink! Isabella is gaining in confidence, and no longer looks timid on stage, but rather like a girl on a mission ready to kick some ass....and kick some ass she does with a solid performance on guitar. 


Andrew BellisWhere The Fusion have made a massive improvement is in their musicianship and overall sound as a band. Band master Mr Ben Gregory has done a marvelous job in creating the perfect balance so that the band fires on all cylinders. Their rhythm section now is very solid thanks to new drummer Hunter Solomons, which allows Keyboardist Andrew Bellis to do his thing with confidence and shine. Andrew had some amazing sounds that gave The Fusion a gutsy, energetic and polished modern sound. Isabella's guitar was well balanced, gutsy and complimented Andrew's keys beautifully. The Fusion are a formidable lineup that now boasts the best keyboardist in JumboNote, one of the best talented drummers we've ever seen, the greatest showman possibly in the world and the hardest working guitarist in Isabella Kopriva who has made an immense improvement and contribution to the band. Isabella went on to win one of two of JumboNote's most prestigious individual awards in receiving The Most Improved Musician Award for 2019.  


We now look forward to seeing the next installment of The Fusion in 2020, as they represent JumboNote Music School as our Band Jam Champions. The Fusion will now become JumboNote's main band in performing at Festivals such as the Oatley Spring Fair, and more throughout Sydney. 

The Fusion Highlights for 2019:

  • JumboNote Battle of the Bands Champions 2019
  • Winners of Best Music Video for album 'JumboNote Goes Glam 80's
  • Andrew Bellis - JumboNote Best Keyboardist Award (Dream Team Award)
  • Isabella Kopriva - Winner of JumboNote's Most Improved Musician Award 2019