The Fusion posingThis is by far the most entertaining music video I've seen at JumboNote in ages! When you think of Glam 80's, what comes to mind is hair, fun, cheese and plenty of cringe.... The Fusion do a most fabulous piss take with their latest music video "Jump".... it will have you engaged and entertained from beginning till the end. Band master Ben Gregory has done a brilliant job in directing this fun filled music video, and also faithfully reproducing the recording of classic song 'Jump'! 


The Fusion have had a massive transition in recent times with band members leaving, new members joining, a forced change in style from band master Ben Gregory, and testosterone creating havoc for charismatic singer James' voice. Such challenges were enough to decimate any band to oblivion, however, The Fusion fought on and have come up trumps sounding better than ever. One thing that has never changed though is the entertainment value and on stage charisma the band always produces mainly thanks to lead singer James' amazing appetite to entertain punters....the wonderful thing now is that the entertainment aspect has rubbed off onto the other members too. In "Jump", you'll find each member contributes in someway to create a most hilarious and entertaining clip. Away from all the fun and games, the current lineup kicks some serious musical butt as well. The Fusion can now boast they've got the best keyboardist in JumboNote, one of the best young drummers we've seen in decades, the most improved guitarist/multi instrumentalist at JumboNote and the most entertaining frontman in not only JumboNote, but I dare say Australia too. All four are on top of their game and if they put their mind to it, could be a serious contender to take out the Battle of the Bands 2019 competition.


We must take a moment to highlight multi instrumentalist Isabella's musical dedication and contribution to The Fusion. When she first signed up to the band (originally as the drummer), we saw a somewhat beginner guitarist who threw herself into the deep end to replace an accomplished lead guitarist in Vasilis, who incidentally was a major influence in the early stages of The Fusion.  Isabella had huge shoes to fill, and was somewhat subdued, happy to chug along with the band on her guitar, but never dreamed of ripping into a solo or taking any lead parts. Fast forward 6 months, and this gal is kicking ass. Isabella is absolutely slaying solo's and looks as confident as ever on the guitar and has really contributed in making The Fusion an exciting band to watch again.


The Fusion on stage

What can be said about Keyboardist Andrew except for this kid is absolutely brilliant. The presence he imparts on stage with his keyboard and solo's is so solid that he has become one of the main focal points of The Fusion. James is such a strong performer that once upon a time he dominated 100% of the limelight, but that has all changed now as Andrew has grown in so much confidence with his musical ability and is a huge part of what makes this band tick. This kid is irreplaceable, and the band has made a massive re-surgence since band master Ben Gregory focused allot of energy into making Andrew the focal part of the bands backing. This decision alone has improved the sound of The Fusion, tenfold! 


New drummer Hunter is a huge addition to The Fusion and dramatically improves their rhythm section. Now that their back bone is solid, everything else is just icing on the cake. It will be interesting to see how The Fusion will continue to develop now that they have a strong drummer in their team? Hunter is also a big showman, and it will be interesting to say the least, to see how such big personalities will be able to fit on a small stage.


Lead singer James is in fine form in this latest recording, not to mention his cossack/gopnik dancing had me in stitches in this latest clip. No matter what James does, it never gets dull watching this kid. He was born to entertain and always has my attention from start to finish. In this digital day and age when most punters have poor attention spans and watch 5 to 10 seconds of a music clip, then hit next....James is worth his weight in gold. This kid has the ability to keep the masses engaged, such is his talent! I'm predicting that this kid will become a household name or personality within a few short years!  


In closing, I must say that out of all bands, I am most excited to watch The Fusion at this years Battle of the Bands. With their entertainment value, new lineup and a marked improvement in their sound, The Fusion have become an exciting band to watch...again!