We all know that certain somebody who’s a freak of nature and has a great voice without any proper training….after all an untrained voice in its natural form can sometimes sound beautiful, creating a performance that is full of raw emotion rather than one that is masterful in its production. However, without proper technique, there is a limit to how well one can sing, as natural talent rarely includes any of the mechanics that proper singing technique employ…. thus many untrained voices never fully discover their true potential.

  • Talented untrained singers may posses a pleasing tone, and a great natural ear to sing in tune, however, they almost always have problems in the following departments:
  • The chest and head voice has major breaks between the two registers (certain notes flip out between the two registers, or produce very poor quality tone where the chest voice and head voice overlap)
  • The voice is not equalized amongst the singers range (thinning as they sing higher notes, or where the vocal quality changes throughout the singers range)
  • Vowel sounds are incorrectly produced, or placed in the wrong parts of the mouth, rendering a performance that may have certain vowels sounds sound awful and strange in comparison to other vowel sounds. (Certain parts of a performance may sound great, whilst other parts or a certain phrase sounds weird and awful)
  • Breathing technique is non existent, so the voice quickly tires, or can’t sustain notes due to lack of breath control.

Even the most amazing naturally gifted singer can do with improvements and direction in how they shape their vowel sounds, breathe, and placement of their tone. It quickly becomes evident to the untrained singer once they begin proper vocal training how much work and training is needed for them to really understand and realize their true vocal potential.  

Vocal improvement is almost certainly guaranteed with proper training and only if correct breathing and vocal technique is applied and constantly re-enforced. It is of utmost importance that singers take part in consistent practice that involves breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, warm-downs and of course SCALES to maintain peak vocal fitness. After all your voice is a muscle and requires stretching and stability to keep it fit and healthy. You wouldn’t expect an Olympic athlete to compete without any training, so we shouldn’t expect our voices to be able to perform at it’s best without any training.

If you are one of those rare people with a great natural talent, realize your full vocal potential by getting proper training….and start living life as a singer! (More on what it means to live life as a singer in my next blog….see you then!!)

Ria Brcic