The Sky Painters at Youth RockThe Sky Painters are JumboNote's vibiest band that always gets you in a good mood. You listen to this bands soft rock mix complete with cool jangly guitars, funky beats and melodic vocals....and you're guaranteed to suddenly be in the mood to party! The thing that strikes me about these guys is that they seem like a close knit band, and once all this is over and done with will continue to forge great friendships. The Sky Painters are a band unlike many young bands their age with a somewhat more mature mentality. They're not out to prove anything, win competitions, or impress their parents.... these guys are out to do their thing, on their terms and play the music they love....and this is why we love them.


"Life is a Highway" is the perfect music video to sum up The Sky Painters in pictures. It has been a long road getting here, but finally they've reached the summit where they can now enjoy the view, breathe some fresh air into their lungs and have fun just being themselves. Band master Matthew Harrison utilised some great footage from The Sky Painters recent Youth Rock performance alongside some beautiful scenery just south of Sydney to create a memorable music video.


Olivia recording vocals

Daylan on drums always creates a somewhat more funkier version of songs The Sky Painters cover. He utilizes allot of grace notes that automatically give this band lots of vibe. His beats have groove, and make you want to move. Couple that with his cool afro he loves to tease up before hitting the stage, and we have the making of a funky beat master. 


Guitarists Georgie and Sam have come a long way at JumboNote. Sam has the coolest acoustic/electric you'll ever see! It not only looks cool, but it sounds cool and adds so much to the sound that makes The Sky Painters vibey. Jangly, cool, summer vibes are all terms that come to mind when thinking about Sam as a musician. This guy has done what so many few musicians can do in a lifetime, and that is create his own signature sound and image that makes Sam easily identifiable from the myriad of Stevie Vai and Slash wannabes.


The Sky Painters promo pictureGeorgie keeps it solid chugging away on the electric maintaining plenty of rhythm without ever stepping on the toes of Sam, or the others in the band. Georgie has music maturity in allowing the mix to breathe so that it is not too guitar heavy and to allow others to mark their presence within the band. This maturity goes a long way, as it allows the band to have a somewhat softer vibey tone, whereas many young electric guitarists do what every guitarist does and turns it up to 11 and takes over. 


Katarina is the backbone of this band that creates cohesion and fullness to the mix. Having Katerina is like having an extra 3 players in the band, as she fills in all the gaps with her keys. Her keys also have an airy, soft quality to them that also compliments the vibe, rather than taking over. This greatly contributes to The Sky Painters having a sound that uplifts you rather than pulls you towards the ground like so many heavier bands do.    


Olivia may be the tiniest member on stage, however, she packs a huge punch in persona. You'd be hard pressed to find any singer in the world with personality and stage presence as huge as Olivia's. Whether Olivia is on camera, or on stage, she is so good a performer that you simply cannot take your eyes off her. This is that star quality that so few performers have, and Olivia has been blessed with loads of it. In 'Life is a Highway', Olivia's vocals shine as her performance always compliments the vibe the band is putting forth.

On a side note: Nice backing vocals Daylan!


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