band Top Shelf"Winner Takes It All" was the last hoorah for JumboNote band 'Top Shelf' before they went their separate ways and called it a day....and ironically, it is their best effort to date! 

Firstly, lets talk about the arrangement....most of us are familiar with this Abba classic, however, it is most refreshing to hear a slightly suped up grungy version that lets all members of 'Top Shelf' shine and stamp their trademark style on it. Hunter has really made a name for himself at JumboNote as an energetic, high octane, talented young drummer, and as expected provides plenty of energy for what could potentially be a rather tame and lack lustre ballad. Hunter always manages to stamp his signature drum style in all songs he plays, and 'Winner Takes It All" is no different. It is a tough ask to transform a tame ballad into high energy rock, and somehow Hunter manages to pull it of. Guitarists Dhanisha and Dylan grunge it up and turn this song into an entirely different experience than one could imagine. Their playing also is energetic and slots in with the drums perfectly. Their guitar work in the first sections of the song is beautiful, melodic and slightly haunting. This song has plenty of dynamics, from its more melodic softer parts which make their way to an energetic chorus and the final outro is played brilliantly to give the song its conclusion.


Singer Olivia provides the grunge arrangement with lots of beautiful moments....Since her time at JumboNote, Olivia has grown tenfold in stature and confidence, and provides the sweet and melancholy vocal that fits the melody beautifully, and provides that little ray of sunshine alongside the grunged up arrangement. Combined together, it creates a hauntingly beautiful experience. Kudos to band master Matthew Harrison for being bold with his vision of this song.   

Dhanisha has gone on to be the lead guitarist of band 'The FourTunes'.

Hunter is now drummer of band 'The Fusion'.

Olivia has joined new PopVox band 'Girls Next Door'.

We wish all musicians best of luck in their new bands!

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