We are making small changes to the way we normally do recitals in order to improve the experience for young performers and all those who attend!

Introducing JumboNote Mini-Concerts!

Our new format will allow students more time on stage

We’re extending each mini-concert session to be spaced 1.5hrs between sessions rather than 1hr between sessions allowing a more relaxed environment without time constraints.

Greater emphasis on teachers interacting more with the audience and creating a relaxed atmosphere for students to perform in.

Greater emphasis on introducing each performer and giving the audience some insight into the students musical journey. We aim to create a special experience for every performer.

We understand that in the past, recitals were somewhat rushed as we tried to jam pack up to 6 recital sessions in an afternoon in order to give more students an opportunity to perform. The tight time constraints sometimes made the whole experience a stressed affair which was counteractive to JumboNote’s aim in fostering a relaxed atmosphere for students to break the ice with performance. We are now spreading our recitals over a slightly longer schedule (up to 1.5 hrs), allowing for a more relaxed affair where teachers will have the opportunity to introduce each and every student and give some insight into each students performance and musical journey. We hope this small initiative will improve the overall experience!

Click on the posters below for more info regarding each mini concert held during our JumboNote Mini-Concert series.