zombie kids on stageThe Zombie Kids are one of my favorite JumboNote bands, as they have a chemistry on stage that so many bands lack. The two lead singers Felicia and Leanna work within each other, compliment one another and blend beautifully. It is such a pleasure watching them on stage as they subtly interact with one another. They reciprocate looks and actions, as if almost in sync....the subtlety of their actions creates these little special moments on the stage which is always a treat to experience. 


Couple that with the characterful drummer Charlie who pokes his head out from the cymbals every now and then to peer into the camera provides plenty of entertainment. Just his actions, facial expressions and cool demeanor make watching this guy drum a spectacle. This guy is no slouch on the drums either, he packs a huge punch and provides the band with plenty of energy. His work on the toms are exceptional, tasteful and most of all powerful.


The most underrated guitarist in JumboNote is Zombie Kids lead guitarist Danny, mainly because these guys have been Danny Baroudypart of the junior category for so long and have been overshadowed by some of our more senior bands. Well not any longer, now the Zombie Kids are kids no more, and are competing in the big league. Danny is such a solid lead guitarist that he never puts a foot wrong. His sound is ballsy, and he always produces a beautiful tone with a more melodic style such as the great Queen legend Brian May. Whilst others may shred their solos into a somewhat mess, this guy makes every note count. If not this year, in the not so distant future, I tip Danny to eventually take out the 'Best Guitarist Award'.    


Good luck at the Senior Battle of the Bands Competition!

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